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Ethical Issues Faced By Coke And Pepsi - 1247 Words

Contents Introduction: 1 Issues face by Coke and Pepsi: 1 Your Analysis: 2 The stake holders: 2 Top management: 2 Consumers: 2 Government: 2 My perspective: 2 Your recommendations. 3 Conclusion: 3 References: 4 Introduction: This case about Coke and Pepsi in India has been really interesting for me. I belong to Pakistan which is somewhat same kind of market as like India. This case focuses on ethical issue in host country and conflict management by multinational companies. Coca-Cola and PepsiCo have operations in all over the world and also expanding their market within the host countries. This case study have given details about ethical issues face both of the companies and how they reacted to the issue. This case study has also mentioned that these companies have some unethical practices which caused these problems in the host countries. Coca-Cola had to discontinue their production because pesticides were found in the bottles. People were aggressive in their protests too. Even some governments in India full banned Coke to be in market. Companies faced legal problems also. These all problems really damaged the brand-image of the company. Issues face by Coke and Pepsi: There are companies which are huge and very big companies. They are market leader; what they do, everyone follows them. But the problem is that they are big companies as they are working in many countries. So, in order to do business, they have to understand the norms, culture and beliefs of thatShow MoreRelatedCoca Cola Ethical Issues Essay1246 Words   |  5 Pagesbased on the number of ethical issues that Coca Cola has had within the past decades. The company has been accused of a number of unethical behaviors that had to do with the safety of their products, financial issues, also a contamination scare in 1999, and issues based on their competition. They were also accused of racial discrimination, distribution of additional goods being sent out to suppliers before the quarter ended, also known as channel stuffing. Other ethical issues Coca-Cola had were exhaustionRead MoreCoke and Pepsi Issues5071 Words   |  21 PagesCase 23: Coke and Pepsi in India: Issues, Ethics, and C risis Management In APA style Table of Contents Chapter Page 1. Abstract 3 2. Introduction 4 3. Issue Management 5 4. Crisis Management 7 5. Global Business Ethics 10 6. Stakeholder Management 13 7. Corporate Social Responsibility 14 1. Economic ResponsibilitiesRead MoreEthical Issues and Dilemmas Faced by Coca-Cola1461 Words   |  6 PagesThe Coca-Cola Company struggles with ethical crises Delineate the ethical issues and dilemmas the company faced The Coca-Cola Company has faced many ethical issues in the past. In the year 1999 in the month of June, about 30 children in Belgium became ill following the consumption of the companys products. The company recalled the product, however, the problem continued to escalate. All Coca-Cola products were recalled by the Belgian government and this was soon followed by the officials inRead MoreThe Pepsi Of Coca Cola1476 Words   |  6 PagesCoca-Cola portable. Joseph Biedenharn became the first person to put Coke in a bottle and sell it. Within five years, the bottles were in large scale production. In 1899, Benjamin Thomas, Joseph Whitehead, and John Lupton secured exclusive rights to bottle and sell Coca-Cola. They purchased the bottling rights from Candler for one dollar. The worldwide Coca-Cola bottling system was developed by Thomas, Whitehead, and Lupton. They faced several challenges including competitors trying to imitate theirRead MoreCoca Cola Company Struggles With Ethical Issues Essay1502 Words   |  7 Pages The coca-cola company struggles with ethical issues Name Institution Coca-cola boasts of being the world’s largest beverage company serving approximately one billion customers daily. The most dominant products distributed by Coca-cola are Coke, Fanta, Sprite and Diet Coke. This strategy is aimed at ensuring that every customer gets satisfied whenever they use a Coca-cola brand. Coca-cola has large distributions across the globe making it the largest distributor in the world. The late Roberto GoizuetaRead MoreCoca Cola Company : The World s Largest Distribution System1498 Words   |  6 Pagesis worth one of the most valuable in the world as well. It has very strong market orientation, to make strategic decisions and take action so that more customers will be attracted, also to satisfy and retain customers. However, after World War 2, Pepsi Company became its serious competitor when it came up with the idea to sell its product in larger portions as the same price as Coca Cola Company. So far, these two company are still competing with each oth er. When the company facing the competitionRead More Pepsico in Mexico Business Analysis Essay2843 Words   |  12 Pagesin the Mexican peso in December 1994. Focusing on the financial implications of the peso devaluation, the case then describes PepsiCos response, which only seemed to increase the financial burdens imposed on the faltering Pepsi market share. Critical Analysis of the Issues In 1993 PepsiCo was the second largest soft-drink company, after the leader Coca-Cola. That was the year when the Latin Cola War broke out. Both companies felt the Latin American market was under developed and saw manyRead MoreCoca Cola4011 Words   |  17 Pagesdiscoveries of controversial issues lead consumers to question various companies’ ethics and operations. Coca-Cola, or simple coke, has existed for over a century, originating in Atlanta, Georgia in 1892, and eventually expanding and providing drinks internationally. Today, the company produces concentrate, which then sells to Coke licensed bottlers internationally; and ultimately ending up sold to retail stores and vending machines for consumers to purchase. Along with the regular â€Å"coke†, the company has alsoRead MoreCoca Cola s Largest International Investors951 Words   |  4 PagesGupta came to a standstill where he had to further anticipate his next move for the company. The company faced a crisis wh ere the Center for Science and Environment (CSE) issued a press release affirming that three samples of the 12 cold drink brands sold in and around Delhi containing pesticide residues were of Coca-Cola and PepsiCo brands. Key problems need to be addressed in the most ethical and professional manner. In the short term, key problems that Gupta should focus on is to immediately assureRead MoreCoke Ethical Issues4934 Words   |  20 PagesCoke Ethical Issues Our product is quite healthy. Fluid replenishment is a key to health. Coke does a great service because it encourages people to take in more and more liquids. - Michael Douglas Ivester, Coke’s Chairman and CEO. Public schools are funded by the public to educate the children as provided by state law. It is totally inappropriate that its facilities and employees are being used by corporations to increase their own profits on public time and with public dollars

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